Oil and Gas Processing Skids

With the achieved successes in providing engineering solutions for piping system, pressure vessel and storage tank, electric & instrumentation, automation and control system and relevant technologies in the oil and gas processing and production industry, DK Engineering J.S.C now can provide comprehensive solutions for oil and gas or petrochemical processing skids which requires broad ranges of specialists and experiences. Typical of our deliverables and services are:


·          Process Calculation

·          Automation Design

·          Intergrated Automation and Control System

·          P & G Design

·          Mechanical Calculation and Design

·          Material Study

·          Corrosion Protection

·          Procurement Support

·          Transportation Engineering Design

·          Procedure and drawings for Installation

·          Testing and Commisioning

·          In Service upgrades and Modification Engineering.


Some Major Skids:


·          Two Phases Separator, Three Phases Separator

·          Liquid – Liquid Separator (Open Drain, Cassion, CPI, Hydrocylone..)

·          Filter, Filter Separator, Filter Coalesser

·          Chemical Injection Skid

·          Pump Skid

·          Knock Out Drum Skid and Closed Drain

·          Pig Lauching Skid

·          Nitrogen and Co2 Snuffing Skid

·          Valve Skid: Compact Manifold

·          Fuel Gas Skid

·          Methanol Injection Skid


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