Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Systems

An automation and control system always contributes significantly to the reliability and safety of any oil and gas processing or production system. With highly dedicated and experienced expertise, we are offering comprehensive engineering solutions for the E&I, automation and control systems to the customers.

DK Engineering J.S.C’s professionals can go a long with the customers from conceptual design to detailed design phase, procurement support, installation, testing and  commissioning of the systems.

Our services and competences related to oil and gas production instrument and control system represent through deep experience and capability of providing solutions to process reaction curves, transfer functions, control modes, single-capacity and multicapacity processes - relating control characteristics with controller selection, state-space representation, transfer-operator representation, the mathematics of open-loop, feedback, feed forward, and multiple-loop control, disturbance representation, modeling, the algebraics of PID (proportional-integral-derivative) design, adaptive control, pattern recognition, and expert systems, techniques of least squares, batch parameters, the Kalman filter, recursive parameter identification, and projection, etc. which, at all times, are challenging barriers for any engineer.




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