Engineering is not only a maze of differential equations, tensors, matrix algebra, or developing software program. It is much beyond these, where all these mathematical techniques are mere tools in the hands of a capable engineer who can intuitively visualize the behavior of the structure and foundation or any system he is going to design and check his intuitive deduction based on the above tools in hands and this makes it essential to synthesize theory and practice that becomes the hallmark of a complete engineer. In DK Engineering J.S.C, this definition has become a common sense that all of our engineers are going to perceive and practice.

We have been building a professional and friendly working environment in DK Engineering J.S.C, we are not going to force you with massive amount of works but we are continuously share with you all the most challenging engineering issues and making outstanding effort to help you develop that is why you should consider DK Engineering J.S.C the best place to work. Let go with us sharing solutions of the most challenging engineering issues and develop together.

Take a look at what makes us unique and different from plenty of engineering companies out there. We believe you will find things different to other companies that how we empower our employees and how we grow together.

Available Jobs

Job Title Description Date Opened Documents Required Number Employed Job Description
Mechanical Engineer   01/01/2011     Download
Process Engineer   01/01/2011     Download
E&I Engineer   01/01/2011     Download


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